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It's the end of another weekend and my wife and I are sitting down to our dinner (some roast organic chicken & salad). We switch on Netflix browse which programs to watch until we come across a documentary called "Magic Pill".  

Now for those of you out there that have an idea about healthy eating and the history of humans and our association with food will come across documentaries like "What The Health" and watch it through till the end yelling at the screen with anger at how much cherry-picked information and outright lies backed with studies paid for by large corporations who just so happen to be involved in agribusiness or strong vegan animal activists.

This has been happening since the turn of the industrial revolution when advertisements & governments started dictating what their populations should be eating. Why did we need to change the way we ate? We have survived for thousands of years but now all of a sudden it is in our best interest to start eating these foods that are being mass produced and sold for trillions across the World by companies with absolutely no nutritional science behind them.  

Surely our governments should stop this? It isn't right how can these people tell us these foods are what we are designed to eat with no studies to back it up? Studies you say . . . Welcome to the World of corporate-backed studies on their own products. The studies were never undertaken to disprove a theory like most but more so to prove a hypothesis and nothing can stand in their way.

Coincidently when all this happened diseases around the World started to skyrocket, diabetes, heart disease, you name it. They exploded and we have a health crisis on our hands (mainly in English speaking countries) so, we do the only logical thing and spend millions trying to find out what has caused all this. Well, who do you think spends these millions? Those same corporations that are responsible for your breakfast cereal and "healthy morning muffins". Does anyone see a trend yet? (If you don't believe this please look into it, all the facts & evidence are out there).  

The war on fat had begun and the population was only getting sicker. We could go on for pages and pages and explain more in depth with specific examples like how the sugar industry paid scientists in the 1960's to down play the effects of sugar on the human body and point the finger at fat. (This actually happened and recently they have admitted to it but no one has been held accountable. Think about it, how many people died of disease with this advice?).


Anyway, with out further ado here are some top documentaries on food (not paid for by corporations who coincidently sell food products claiming to be healthy) as we all know watching t.v is a lot more fun then reading.  


1. Magic Pill

2. King Corn

3. Food Fight

4. Food Inc.

4. We Love Paleo

7. Fed Up

8. The Perfect Human Diet

9. Fat Head

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