Real health & nutrition that helps real causes

Our sole purpose is to do good.

Our products are created to help you to feel the best version of you, body and mind. But what about your conscience?

It is great doing good things for ourselves, and we encourage it, but what if we can look after ourselves and take care of others at the same time? If we all gave just a little back imagine the difference we could make.


for every Raw World Company purchase YOU make, WE will give a little something to a good cause that you chose from our nominated charities, at not cost to you.

We have selected our charities as carefully as we source our ingredients. Each good cause is hand picked by us for reasons close to our hearts. For us, the feeling of making a difference is what keeps our world spinning.

#1 The Soil Association: Striving for sustainable, ethical food and farming

The Soil Association strives for healthy, sustainable and nutrient-rich food, farming and land-use.

It champions good food for everyone, working to protect Britain’s soils and educate school children on farming practices and where food comes from.

#2 Sporting Chance: Providing Support and Counselling to Sportspeople

Sporting Chance provides emotional support and counseling to current and former sportsmen and women, helping them to deal with mental health issues due to injury and depression and anxiety after retirement.

For so many athletes, competitive sport has been their life since school, once their career is over in their late twenties/ thirties life can become meaningless.

#3 The Hunger Project: Female empowering communities to end hunger for good

The Hunger Project strives to end chronic hunger in deprived countries, by empowering women within their communities. This female-empowerment initiative invests in small, female-led businesses, to help communities become resilient.

#4 The Footprints Foundation: Helping those most in need

The Footprints Foundation exists to help vulnerable people across the world, from the young children with developmental difficulties, the isolated elderly, to those with significant health issues.

The organisation operates hands-on programmes from learning initiatives through to emotional support.

#5 The Converging World: Investing in renewables, to give back to communities

The Converging World provides sustainable energy sources to communities in developing countries, generating funds to invest in social and environmental projects, such as reforestation schemes, that in turn help communities to thrive.